What is a Textured Wall Finish?
Textured Wall Finish is a revolutionary concept in wall dressing. It offers amazing textures in myriad colours. Not simply decorative, it is also durable, economical and adaptable to diverse climatic and varied surface conditions.

What are the variations possible in Textured Wall Finishes?
This spectacular new product is a superior substitute to conventional finishes. Used on interiors as well as exteriors, the textures, both recessed as well as raised, can be created with a trowel, roller or a spray gun.

Can Textured Wall Finishes be applied on any surface?
Yes. The excellent adhesive power of Textured Wall Finishes makes it suitable for direct application on almost all surfaces – cement plaster, sandstone, plywood, straw board etc. Roller finishes can be applied directly on bricks also.

What are the benefits of using Textured Wall Finishes vis--vis other conventional products?
Textured Wall Finish with its unique product benefits, offers a very different price value equation. On the one hand it compares favourably with the conventional market options and on the other hand it claims definite product superiority in terms of the life span of the product and the time saved due to faster application. In addition to the other protective features, Textured Wall Finish is also an effective fire retardant, making it the complete wall protection coat.

What is the durability of Textured Wall Finish?
Excellent adhesion efficiency and highly effective resistance to variable weather conditions enable Textured Wall Finishes to remain as permanent finishes with no maintenance cost for as long as 10-15 years. The use of inorganic pigments guarantee longest shade life of the product, defying ultraviolet radiations for a long time thus maintaining the beauty of the surface.

Would Textured Wall Finish crack under varying temperature levels?
No. Special emulsions in the Textured Wall Finish makes it flexible and elastic, thus allowing for expansion and contraction of the coat under varying temperatures without causing hairline cracks.

Does Textured Wall Finish peel off under moist conditions?
No. Equipped with a “Breathable Film”, Textured Wall Finish breaths out trapped moisture, both from the paint film as well as the substrate, leaving no worries of dampness or peeling coats of paint on the walls. Also, owing to select algicides and fungicides used in the formulation, Textured Wall finish repels fungus formations and is anti-corrosive.

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